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Naples blue and lemon yellow color tie & dye scarf.

Scarf Scarves are the most versatile piece of garment. Ladies scarf comes in several materials, styles and fashion. While there is the universally loved silk scarf, there is modern digital scarf print, designer scarf for brand lovers, thick woolen winter scarf for cold, delicate summer scarf for fashion, and then there is the long scarf which can be fashioned as a wrap, a head scarf and so on. The best part is that scarves are unisexual. While there are some exclusive scarves for women, there are tons of scarves which men can style! There is always a right scarf for everyone.

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Naples blue and lemon yellow color tie & dye scarves Texture Info :-

  • Pure Cotton
  • Stole length: 1.75 m
  • Stole width: 0.80 m
  • Naples blue and lemon yellow color scarf
  • Four side  hems
  • Hand wash

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