What makes an Indian woman look ravishing? Of course, a saree draped in style can turn heads and make an Indian girl look like a diva. Now the summers of Indian subcontinent can be intolerably hot sometimes. And here comes the question of the choice of sarees. A saree is perfect for every kind of outfit. From light formal office wear to gorgeous party wear, from something casual for a day with friends to elaborate traditional attire, there is always an amazing saree to wear, whatever be the occasion. It is extremely versatile as it can be draped in a number of different ways, be it demure traditional or modern with a twist, which makes this humble, piece of fabric the best choice for every occasion. Thus, there are a wide variety of sarees available in the market and these are always in high demand. Another unique feature of the saree is that it unifies people of all castes, religions and economic backgrounds as it is the one item of clothing which is worn, loved and treasured by all classes of women. Sarees also bind families together, lovingly worn and cherished by women of all ages and tastes, passed on from generation to generation and its value only increases with time. Irrespective of age, occasion and attitude, a saree can never be the wrong choice!

The seasons in this subcontinent plays a big role in choosing a saree that can make a girl look stylish and yet be comfortable in the weather. While the hot days of summer needs something light and comfortable, the colder nights of winter demand a thicker fabric, which keeps the wearer warm. Zari tussar saree is an excellent choice which can turn heads wherever you go! Tussar sarees have an interesting historical background. Tussar silk was first produced in small scale by the member of a tribal group from the Eastern part of India. The women of these tribal groups collected from the forests the cocoons of a special kind of moth that fed on the leaves of the trees. These cocoons which were collected were then boiled in warm water to extract the delicate silk threads. These threads were then woven to produce a material which was so unique and beautiful that it soon found itself in absolute high demand. Tussar thread is very uniquely textured and has a beautiful golden luster to it. This subtle shine is what makes this fabric stand out from others. Given that this material is made from naturally sourced fibers which are produced only by a certain kind of cocoons, it is also quite precious. The majority of India’s tussar material is produced in the state of West Bengal.
Tussar is an exquisite material which is perfect for any special occasion. Over the years this beautiful fabric has inspired many designers to come up with stunning sarees made out of this material. In the recent years a new version of tussar, known as the Zari tussar has given birth to a brand new trend of Tussar in the modern ethnic fashion statement of Indian women. The fabrics of these sarees are incredibly light and porous, which makes them extremely comfortable to wear in the sweltering climate of India. The sticky heat of this region causes a lot of sweating, and a fabric like Tussar being so light and porous doesn’t trap the heat within the folds of the material. Instead it encourages circulation of air and thus, keeps the body cooler, preventing excessive sweating. It is a perfect material to wear to weddings and other social occasions where the day demands something heavy and gorgeous. While these sarees look breathtakingly magnificent, they are so delicate and comfortable that you will be able to enjoy your day without the heat or the crowds making you sweat. In India there is a great demand of these sarees and many distributors help the willing customers to get their hands on these exclusive pieces of fabric!

I have had a very good experience of buying some Zari tussars from Rai Creations, and I felt very comfortable draped in these beautiful sarees. They come in different colours, designs and styles. The price range of these sarees starts from lNR 5,500 and can go up to INR 10–15,000. These sarees are gorgeous in their looks, and also very trendy! So what are you waiting for? Run and grab yours now! And turn all the heads wherever you go! Everyone of you beautiful girl deserve to fill your wardrobe with some of these beautiful sarees!

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