Fun, flirty and unconventional ways to drape your saree for a different look

A saree is the most stunning and versatile nine yards of fabric which can bring a glamour to any occasion. Irrespective of size and body type a saree is the one garment that fits every woman and accentuates her curves like nothing else does. Right from the timeless heirloom off grandma’s closet to the the modern fusion styles, there is a saree for everyone and every affair. There are so many varieties of saree available in the market that you are not likely to run of sarees to drape. While nothing can go wrong with the classic drape of the saree, try out these unique, unconventional draping styles to up your saree game!

Add layers for an extra oomph

Drape the saree around your waist multiple times, tucking it more with every turn to give it a look of a layered skirt. Once the entire length of the saree, except the pallu has been wrapped around you, make pleats on the remaining part and pin it over the shoulder. Make the pleats smaller in size if you want to show off your midriff for a smoldering look. Inspired by the draping of the stunning Bollywood diva Mumtaz, this style of saree draping not only adds an extra oomph to your look, it also helps you look curvier around your hips, and slimmer at the waist and legs. This style is perfect for women who have a top heavy body.


Turn up the heat with a scarf styled drape

Stand out from the crowd in this stylish and contemporary drape of your saree. Wrap the saree around your waist one time, and then leaving about the length of a regular pallu and half make a few pleats at the centre, and tuck them neatly into your petticoat. Take the remaining part of the pallu and throw it over your shoulder, twist around the neck and bring it to the front. Depending on the design of the saree, preferences and occasion you can not only experiment with the size of the scarf pallu but also try different kinds of stylish twists and knots to make a statement scarf fold around the neck or even tuck in a part of it in your waist, letting the rest of it fall loose

Transform your look with the pant style draping

This is a unique draping style which breaks the stereotypical look and fashionistas just cannot get enough of it! Wear your favorite pair of leggings, pants or even jeans and start by tucking and pleating your

saree at the waist, showing off your pants. Wrap the saree loosely around your waist and throw the pallu over your shoulder. You can pleat them asymmetrically like a mekhla to add a more fashionable touch. Since you are not restricted by a narrow petticoat, this style of draping offers you the ultimate comfort and freedom of movement, without any risk of tripping and falling. Wearing tight pants also gives an illusion of height and slimness, making it perfect for short and chubby divas.

Tuck it tight with a belt

If you thoughts belts are only for your Western outfits, think again! Drape your saree in your favorite style and wear a statement belt around your waist to give it a stunning look. You can go for any kind of belt, be it a narrow belt with blink or a thick corset style belt or even a unique old fashioned leather belt to add a different charm. A chunky corset style belt is perfect for those who are a little chubby around the stomach as it cinches the stomach in and gives an illusion of slimness in the area, thus defining the waist better. This style of draping is perfect for sarees which are light, smooth and slippery like Georgette, chiffon, voile etc as these can be a little tough to manage.

Forget me Knot

This is a relatively modern and interesting play on the scarf style where instead of wrapping the pallu around your neck you tie it into a knot either over your shoulder or halfway down the pallu. You can try making multiple knots to create a flowery look or even accessorising the knot with a stylish brooch or quirky pins for a unique modern look. Not only does this look absolutely stunning and stylish, this drape also helps keep your pallu in place. Try out these unique draping styles and be the talk of the town!

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